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Hello, I’m Peter Szebenyi,
greenfluencer, environmental engineer

My goal as a greenfluencer, environmental engineer is to ensure that environmental protection and a conscious lifestyle become part of the lives of not only the population, but also businesses and companies.

  • with environmental protection advice, 
  • with attitude-forming education, 
  • business with greening and 
  • Green marketingI deal with management.

Environmental protection and my personal story

In today’s fast-paced world, environmental protection is often the last thing I want to do against. Environmental protection must become part of our everyday life. I am the originator and editor-in-chief of and I was the founding chairman of the board of trustees of the environmental protection  JÖN Foundation .

Saving our environment is the key to our future!

I believe that everyone should find the occupation in which they can fulfill themselves. I believe that environmental protection is not only a professional issue for me, but also the key to my fulfillment. That’s why I take every opportunity to do something for our Earth and our future. This is how environmental protection became a part of my life and I became an environmental protection influencer.

It can’t be done without you!

Environmental protection is a very noble thing, but it is an activity that costs a lot of time and money. In recent years, I feel that I have proved myself to you, and therefore I am turning to you with a big request.

Support my environmental work through the Patreon interface.

I have several green plans for 2021, which I am asking for your support in implementing and maintaining my current environmental influencer activities. If you have the means, please stop by once or regularly aid contribute to my work with Thanks.

Environmental protection service

Environmental education / presentation

I undertake the holding of interactive lectures and education related to environmental protection, even online, for companies, schools, and public institutions.

If you would like to be invited to your event as a traditional or online speaker or a participant in a round table discussion.

Környezetvédelmi influencer Szebenyi Péter

Influencer marketing, video production

Influencer marketing is today’s most popular advertising tool, and environmental protection is mostly missing from its topics. My goal is to change that. Please write to me and I will contact you.

Online marketing tanácsadás

Green marketing consulting

Online marketing consulting and social media management: website and content creation, search engine optimization according to SEO, keyword research, link building. Please write to me and I will contact you.

Green blog

I regularly publish supplementary content related to environmental protection, gardening, new eco-technologies, and waste recycling on my Green blog.

Green video content

In addition to written educational content, I periodically publish video content related to environmental protection Peter Szebenyi Youtube on my channel and on a daily basis Peter Szebenyi TikTok on my side. Anyone can participate in the production of videos through my Patreon page. Thanks.

Where you can find it as an greenfluencer – Environmental engineer

I use the power of social media to promote environmental protection on my channels below. Join me!

Frequently asked questions

Who is Peter Szebenyi?

Environmental engineer, founder of the Wastehunter movement, former president of the JÖN Foundation. He is currently an greenfluencer and an employee of the Climate Policy Institute.

What does it mean to be an environmental influenszer?

A person who creates green written and video content for educational purposes.

What makes you better than anyone else?

I am selfless, realistic and authentic. I am not interested in making a profit, but in promoting a sustainable lifestyle.